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It is always beautiful to have a green garden around your home. However, that is not always possible in the modern city apartments that lack adequate space to keep plants. As a matter of fact, having plants around your home helps to purify the air we breathe. In the modern world, there are so many pollutants that get trapped in buildings leading to air contamination. However, keeping plants inside your home would add beauty while allowing you to breathe clean air.

One way that allows you to keep plants in your home is through terrariums. This involves planting plants in transparent glass vessels. These glass containers usually have enough opening that allows access to the plants. They are basically small self-sustaining ecosystems and help to bring outdoor into the interior of your home. Again, terrariums are also easy to create yourself. Actually, a terrarium workshop would be enough for you to start creating your own terrariums.

Actually, many people love the greenery of plants. However, the limited space should not be the limiting factor in creating your green designs. All you need is the right information on creating your own terrariums. Therefore, attending a workshop like a terrarium workshop Singapore would help you learn more about terrariums as well as how you can create your own.

Such a workshop would provide you with the necessary requirement for creating a terrarium. The main requirements would include a glass vessel, pebbles or small stones, potting soil, activated charcoal, and the plant. Usually, the plants can be cacti, air plants, or succulents. When choosing your plant, ensure you select your favorite. However, terrariums are becoming a popular option for many people who love green plant but have limited space. More people are opting for terrarium due to the following reasons.

1. Low maintenance.

Usually, your plants inside the glass container would require minimal maintenance. Although you will need to water your plants, this is not something you do every day. Actually, watering can be done after a few weeks. Compared to having flowers,  a  terrarium  only requires  low maintenance.

2. Variety of plants.

Usually, there are a variety of plants to use for your terrariums. However, that will depend on the nature of your terrariums, whether closed or open. The closed ones usually create humid environments. Therefore, plants such as ferns would thrive. For the open terrariums, there are usually drier. Because of this, cacti and succulents and even herbs would thrive.

Basically, a terrarium workshop would provide you with an opportunity to learn all you need about creating terrariums.

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